Veganism: Misconceptions and why I am experimenting with it

I have been in self-isolation in my dorm room for a while now. So, why not try something new to spice it up? After being notified that my college’s hospitality services would be delivering food to my door, I decided to go out on a limb, asking them to only supply vegan food: food with no animal products. The reason I tossed around the idea of experimenting with veganism initiated after watching a Netflix documentary called Cowspiracy. The documentary pointed out some interesting truths and misconceptions concerning global warming as well as the animal agriculture industry. After investigating the research on climate change and how it is affected by animal agriculture, especially by cattle, I was shocked to find that 660 gallons of water are needed to produce 1 hamburger, according to Also, water vapor and methane are two gases that are contributing substantially to global warming. Both gases are a direct result of the practices implemented by the animal a…

The Empathy Paradox

The Empathy Paradox (My version at least)There are many different hierarchies of enjoyment, activities we can pursue, feelings we have, etc. Take for instance, anxiety. People who have major anxiety issues cannot enjoy life to the extent of, someone who does not have anxiety; however, they can enjoy life in their own little bubble. In essence, their lack of empathy (the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes) saves them from living a worse life. Once they can put themselves in someone else’s shoes, they limit their ability to recognize the goodness of their own life and ultimately compare lives and hierarchies. This only breeds resentment and self-hatred, and this is also one example of how not all empathy is good.Also, I am starting a brand-new podcast on well…pretty much anything.The Pretty Much Anything Podcast: Under the YouTube Channel Kyle ShippAlso, If you are new, check out the link to my book review website: https://book-review.kylesblogswhereproductivitymeetsauthent…

Book Update

Book UpdateThough I have not been upkeeping my habit of writing my book, I have picked up the slack during my recent period of self-isolation, and I went onto the website Beeminder. This application allows you to wager money on your goals and habits. Thus, no other app (at least to my knowledge and personal experience) tops the charts in terms of getting stuff done like Beeminder. I have recently set a goal on Beeminder to write two pages in my book every weekday. However, there is a catch. If I do not fulfill this ambitious goal, I must pay money out of my personal bank account. I do not know about you, but nothing is a motivator in terms of productivity like losing money. I highly recommend Beeminder as it has helped me grow in my journey towards writing my first book, and it can help you achieve any goal like losing weight, getting stronger, and even learning a new language.

Mediated Values

The Power of AttitudeMy favorite cartoon to watch as a child was SpongeBob SquarePants. Like most children, I enjoyed the adventures SpongeBob underwent as he aspired to manifest his potential as the best Krusty Krab employee possible. Besides SpongeBob’s hysterical naivety and compassion in the face of misfortune, he has since inspired me to develop an optimistic attitude towards myself and others. After promptly showing up to work, constantly enduring the complaints and nihilism of his co-worker Squidward, being fortunate for his underpaid salary, and remaining steadfast in his efforts to protect his workplace from the evil Krabby Patty formula-stealer, Plankton, he still manages to return home, treating his pet snail Gary and friends Patrick and Sandy with the utmost compassion and respect. On a serious note, SpongeBob’s actions have molded my perspective to ultimately see the world as a place in which my only self that deserves manifestation is my best self.Remembering SpongeBob S…

To Wear a Mask or Not to Wear a Mask

Many Americans have struggled over the topic of wearing masks. Many have fought diligently to convince other mask-wearing Americans that they are ineffective in handling and protecting from the current Coronavirus outbreak. Some say that only N95 masks (surgical masks with a high-level micron filter) work. However, in a public setting, a cloth mask is certainly shown to better than no mask.A report from the Mayo Clinic (2020) states:
Countries that required face masks, testing, isolation, and social distancing early in the pandemic seem to have had some success slowing the disease's spread. Common sense also suggests that some protection is better than none. But wearing a cloth face mask will lose any value unless it's combined with frequent hand-washing and social distancing (para. 9). So, with this, I urge you all to help in any way to slow the spread of this outbreak. If you have any questions or concerns, comment or email me. In addition, I hope that you can help donate N95 …


After watching a YouTube video by Matt D’Avella, I came across the idea of batching. This counter-intuitive concept sparked interest with me, so I decided to continue in my viewing pleasure. Matt provides a common example of batching in everyday life: doing laundry. “It wouldn’t make any sense to wash one outfit every day. Firstly, the clothes would fade and wear out much quicker. Secondly, your water bill would be through the roof. Thirdly, from a time standpoint, you could squeeze out a lot more time simply by scheduling one or two days of doing laundry every week or two to minimize the time you spend doing the task.” The reason I said earlier that batching seems counter-intuitive is because it’s almost like good, well-managed procrastination, in a way. Aside from all the stereotypes and negativity surrounding it, procrastination, especially deliberate procrastination, is not always a bad thing. This type of procrastination can fuel creativity and allow you to complete work …

Moral Code

Moral Code
To achieve morality, I have developed an extended list of 20 virtues, which are adapted from Benjamin Franklin's list of 13.

1.Temperance: Do not drink in excess or into addiction.
2.Silence: Only speak when necessary or beneficial.
3.Order: Keep an orderly living quarter; however, do not let perfectionism concerning order obstruct productive time management.
4.Resolution: Keep your word.
5.Frugality: Engage in philanthropy when possible. Enjoy having money, but do not let it obstruct successful relationships. Do not be a cheapskate either.
6.Industry: Relax when necessary, but engage in productive measures whenever possible.
7.Sincerity: Think, speak, and act innocently and justly. Do not cheat or cut corners.
8.Cleanliness: Maintain proficient hygiene and appearance. This leads to self-respect and established credibility among colleagues.
9.Tranquility: Be not disturbed at unavoidable accidents or mishaps.
10.Chastity: Never use venery to dullness, weakness, or the in…